Wish (A friendzone original by Keiko Necesario).

Wish (A friendzone original by Keiko Necesario)

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FRIENDZONED? Ouch. Now listen to this and say a little prayer and wish with me..... TWITTER: @keikosoundslike FACEBOOK: This is for a shortfilm I've written to be shot this year! Watch out for it :) To those of you who are asking how they can download the song... Please be patient! hehe <3 I'm coming out with an album, soon! Promise to keep yall updated! LYRICS VERSE 1 I wish I could be your princess / The one who could give you happiness/ The one who could make smile. I wish we could be something more/ One day you'll come knockin' at my door/ And tell me you love me, too. PRE-CHORUS I don't know but I keep falling/ I don't know what's up with this heart of mine/ All I know is that I keep falling/ Deeper and deeper in love. CHORUS Cause you are all I've ever wanted / And there are words that are left unsaid/ I've been waiting out here all along/ Everynight that I keep wishing/ That we'll have our own happy ending. VERSE 2 I wish one day you'll open your eyes/ And see what is right in front of you/ So I can tell you I love you. repeat refrain and chorus


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